Huayi Compressor

Industrial Water Chillers / Water Cooling Unit


  • High speed electro spindle and water-cooled servo motor in machining center
  • CNC wire cutting machine, multi-wire cutting machine
  • CNC engraving machine, high speed engraving and milling machine
  • Varied laser cutting machines
  • CNC machine tool torque motor, linear motor
  • PCB drilling machine, chamfering machine
  • Apparel Machinery, Food Machinery, Plastic Machinery and welding equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing, optical equipment and laboratory equipment

II.Functions & Features

  • Can precisely control the machining temperature, improve the machining accuracy and reduce the cost.
  • No cooling tower is needed, saving space.
  • Fully enclosed water tank, anti-rust water circulation system.
  • The independent water cooler has a complete suction water system. As long as the water pipe is connected, it can work with the equipment.
  • To keep machining accuracy subject to the changing liquid temperature;
  • The unit is equipped with an automatic alarm function, which can prompt the user to repair the device in a specific way to avoid damage to the machine.

III.Technical Specifications


Cooling Capacity           (W)1000250035005000700010000
Rated Power                 (KW)0.851.62.12.845
Power Source380V/50HZ(Compressor 220V/50Hz)380V/50HZ
Current                   (A)4.27.8105.67.39.5
Temperature Regulating Range (°C)5°C~35°C
Working Temperature                               (°C)≦42°C
Weight                    (kg)5062.565687580
Dimension                    (mm)385x455x780470x530x950550X530X1050550x600x1050575x655x1200650x730x1200
Pump Headm)25-3025-3025-3025-3025-3025-30
Water Pressure(Mpa)0.1-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.3
Water Pump FluxL/min)Customizable upon request2525254050
Inlet /Outlet SizecustomizableG3/8″G3/8″-G3/4″G3/8″-G3/4″G3/8″-G3/4″G1″G1″
Machine ProtectionCompressor overheat protection; Water level and water temperature control; automatic monitoring and protection of water flow


  1. Cooling Capacity results subject to the ambience temperature at 35°C, inlet water temp. at 25°C and outlet water temp. at 20°C.
  2. The water inlet of the water chiller must be 10mm higher than the bottom of the water tank to avoid inhalation of sludge.
  3. This industrial water chiller / cooling unit machine should be used in well-ventilated places free of dust, corrosive gas or debris.
  4. Do not use corrosive liquid; It is recommended to use purified water and add a little anti-rust water.
  5. The operating environment is 5-42°C. The external dimensions and related parameters will be changed subject to the final customer’s request.
  6. Other industrial water chiller / cooling unit specifications and sizes can be customizable upon request.

IV. Mounting Dimensions of Industrial Water Chiller / Cooling Unit

WDH2-I (Inlet Outlet size)

V.Models Instruction


(1)        (2)    (3)

(1)Serial Number:

WLP: Industrial water chiller / cooling unit series;

W: Water chiller

P: Water tank with pump

(2)Cooling Capacity(x100W)

XX indicate cooling capacity 100x(XX)=100XX (W)

e.g. XX is 25, it indicates cooling capacity at 100W x 25=2500W

(3) X stands for updated product

VIInstruction on How to Choose Water Chiller

(A) High-speed electro- spindle water chiller:

  1. Selection method:

(1) Water temperature: spindle cooling water temperature should be controlled at about 25 °C;

(2) Water pressure: the water pressure required for cooling the spindle is about 0.2MPa;

(3) Calculation of heating power of spindle:

P heat = P motor η

P heat – spindle heat kW

P motor – spindle drive motor power kW

η – spindle heat loss efficiency

For high-speed motor spindles, heat loss η = 30% can be calculated (Generally, domestic electric spindle value η = 30%,  in Germany, Switzerland and Japan, electric spindle value η = 20%) .

Example: The power of a machine spindle motor is 11kW, the maximum speed is 30000rpm, try to estimate the heat of the machine spindle:

P heat = 11×30% = 3.3 kW

The cooling capacity of WLP-35 is 3.5kw when the water temperature is 25°C and the ambient temperature is 30°C, which is higher than the spindle heating power of 3.3KW. It fully meets the requirements for use; when the water supply pressure is 0.2MPa, the flow rate is 25L/min.

 (B) low-speed wire-wound wire cutting machine:

  1. Selection method:

(1) Calculate the heating power based on the installed power:

P heat = η·P power

P Heat – Heat kW

P-loading – loading power kW

η – heat loss efficiency

Taken η≈20% for the general low speed WEDM.

(2) Calculate heating power based on the rate of increase of water temperature in the working tank

P heat = CP ·m·ΔT/t

P heat—heating power KW

1 kW =860 kcal/h

1 kcal/h = 1.16×10-3 KW

CP———specific heat capacity of constant pressure KJ/Kg·°C

Constant pressure specific heat capacity of water 4.18 KJ/Kg·°C

M——the total amount of water in the tank kg

ΔT – Temperature rise per unit time °C

T(t) – time S

Example: The total water volume of a working fluid tank for a low-speed wire-cut WEDM is 400kg. In normal operation, the water temperature rises from 25°C to 29°C in 40 minutes. The chiller selection method is as follows:

P heat = 4.18 x 400 x (29-25) / (40 x 60) = 2.79 kW

The cooling capacity of the water chiller should be greater than 20% of the heat, and a WLP-35 water chiller can be used.

 (C) Laser device:

  1. Selection method: Calculate the calorific power of the laser according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser

Calculation formula: P heat = P laser · (1-η)/η

P heat: laser heat (W)

P laser: laser input power (W)

η: laser photoelectric conversion rate (%), determined according to different lasers.

Carbon dioxide laser range: 8%-10%

Lamp pump laser range: 2%-3%

Semiconductor pump laser range: 20%-30%

Fiber laser range: 20%-30%

Example: The output power of carbon dioxide 1000W laser is 1000W, and the photoelectric conversion rate is 9.5%.

P heat = 1000 x (1-9.5%) ÷ 9.5% = 1000×9.5263 = 9526W

The cooling capacity of this water chiller should be greater than the calorific value, for which reference can be made to WLP-100.