Huayi Compressor

R & D

R&D Resources

I. Engineering Team Structure

  1. R&D engineers: 10, among them, 3 electrical engineers, 7 structural engineers;
  2. Pre-sales service engineers: 5
  3. Test engineers: 9
  4. Patent engineer: 1

II. Development Projects

  1. Modal Analysis on Compressor Shell
  2. Modal Analysis on Discharge Tubes inside Compressor
  3. Acoustic Simulation of Muffler
  4. Research on Micro-Compressor Motors
  5. Research on VF Compressors
  6. Development of R290 Compressors


Reliability Test Items

  1. Lifetime (500h & 1000h) Test in High Temperature
  2. Switch on/off Test in High Temperature
  3. Compressor Lock Test
  4. Simulated Compressor Vibration Test
  5. Compressor Continuous Overload Test
  6. Capillary Block Rate Test


Compressor Cooling Capacity Test System

Laboratory -Compressor Continuous Overload Test System

Laboratory– Compressor Startup Performance Test System

Compressor Reliability Test System

11-Channel Standard Hemi-Anechoic Noise Test Room, can be functioned as dynamic signal’s spectrum analysis, time domain analysis, and multi-channel analysis